Are your tile & grout floors 20 shades too dark? Tired of having black-bottom feet? Concerned about your baby or toddler getting sick when crawling on your floor?

You might think that renting a cheap tile & grout cleaner from your local big box store is the answer. But unfortunately, those types of machines just don't cut the mustard...not compared to the equipment and knowledge we possess! Rental equipment just doesn't have the proper power or heat to extract soil from the surface of your floor.

Soil includes spillage, food, oils, and more...not just dirt. Whereas you might take the same approach to all soils, our technicians are trained to treat stains differently.

For example, we typically clean tile and grout with an alkaline solution. But in the kitchen, we use acidic cleansers because we know that cooking oils often spatter from the stove onto the floor.

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Cleaning with proper chemistry is just as important as cleaning with a powerful agitator and extractor. Many times, amateurs will simply spray cleanser on their tile and grout, let it sink in, and scrub it. But if the mixture isn't sucked up, all the impurities stay on your floor which is why an extractor is so important in this process.

If you'd rather not have to worry about chemistry, agitators, extractors and so forth, there's a better way to get your tile cleaned right, the first time...

Contact a professional tile & grout cleaning company & leave the dirty work to the us!

Baby girl crawling on white tile floor with beige tile

Think of all the things your baby picks up off the floor. Where's the first place it goes?

Why hire us? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you trust your baby or toddler's health with that cheap rental from the big box store?

  • Do you know how to mix grout pre-treatment?

  • Are you ready to use 80 gallons of water on a 1,500 sq ft floor?

  • Do you have a V8, super-powered truck that heats water to 200 degrees (almost steam) to remove even the toughest grime?

  • Does your truck have a massive vacuum that can suck up huge amounts of sludge and grimey water?

  • Did you invest in a Hydramaster Turbo Force Hybrid agitator that sprays water at a whopping 1,200 pounds per square inch?

  • Do you want your tile cleaned or cleaned right?

Then call (239) 244-8656, relax, and let us do what we do best!

Tile & Grout Cleaners serving the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, & Bonita Springs area

When you're ready to get your floors professionally cleaned, please take a look at the table below to ensure your home or office is located in our service area. Water Out Now's tile cleaning services are appropriate for all residential settings (homes, condos, etc) and most commercial settings including restaurants and hotels, located in the following areas of  Lee County, Florida.

Crank up the sound and be entertained!

Watch How We Transform Dirty Tile & Grout

Before and after tile & grout cleaning images

Have you ever vacuumed near a window with sun shining through? Ever notice all the dust particles flying out of the vacuum? That's because air and soil gets sucked in, the soil gets deposited within the canister, and while the air is blown back into the room. 

HEPA filters on vacuums only work well when they're routinely cleaned. Otherwise your vacuum is sucking in microbes on the floor and blowing them up into the air aka "dust recycling."

But when you hire Water Out Now, you're hiring professionals that utilize technology to keep you (and those you care about) healthy.

Our truck houses an industrial size vacuum that sucks in soil, dust, and microbes and completely removes them from your home or office.

Long hoses carry all of the unhealthy sediment from cleaning your floors, out your door, to our truck. No dust recycling, whatsoever!

Gone from your floor will be the microbes and the ugly, yellowish film that used to dull its original luster.


When we are done, you will see and smell ultra-clean tile & grout that you could eat off of...though we don't recommend it. :)

Frequently asked questions

Are the chemicals you use safe for children and pets?

Yes! While we are cleaning your tile and grout, we recommend that children and pets play in another room. But once the process is complete, you can rest assured your children and pets will be completely safe on your floors.

Now that my floor is clean, how do recommend I maintain it?

We recommend that you get the grout sealed. Grout sealing:

  • Helps to prevent soil build-up
  • Lengthens the amount of time until you have to clean again
  • Makes it easier to clean without the use of professional equipment

Can your machines be used on any other types of flooring?

Yes, we've gotten great results with natural stone flooring. Other than natural stone, we don't recommend our services for laminate or wood floors.

Are your machines safe for color-treated or stained grout?

The Hydramaster Turbo Hybrid is a very strong machine that sprays scalding hot water at twelve-hundred pounds per square inch to remove the toughest grime from your floors. It may also remove colors from your grout. So if you've color treated your grout or stained it, our machines may remove the color.

How much can I expect my floor's appearance to improve?

That's a tough question for us to answer. Obviously, the dirtier your floor is, the better because you're going to see the most range of improvement. If you have an area in your grout that sees very little traffic (for example in the corner of a room) we should be able to get to get within a few shades of the original original color. If you're a concerned how effective our cleaning is going to be, call us and we'd be happy to come out and do a test to show you how effective it's going to be and we guarantee our results after a clear expectation has been set.



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